Stargate Universe: Air (SGU-1). James Swallow

Stargate Universe: Air (SGU-1)

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Stargate Universe: Air (SGU-1) James Swallow
Publisher: Fandemonium Ltd

This week and next, Joseph Mallozzi, one of the creative minds behind the franchise (and SGU, of course) will join me live for a discussion of this series that went off the air prematurely. I was a little embarrassed because I was that person who made a face whenever the subject of SGU came up, and was bitter about the cancellation of Stargate: Atlantis (SGA) in favor of SGU. Check out destinysend's Albums. SGU didn't last long: only two seasons. So I was mildly surprised when I felt drawn into Stargate Universe (SGU for short). The group's fates lie at the mercy of the ship as they face the challenges of meeting the most basic needs of food, water, and air. Not everyone buys things to make replicas. There were only two things that SGU had in common with SG-1 or Atlantis: the gates themselves and the fact that the Destiny was built by the Ancients (even though we never meet any Ancients). Stargate Universe had very few connections to the Stargate universe. Stargate Universe - Streaming Online - Season 1 Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. With the “Share the SGU Love” fan campaign, the purpose is to help the Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Studios, the production company MGM for short, see the viability of keeping Stargate Universe on the air, we'll remain positive, conducting ourselves in a very positive and giving way. Join Date: Mar 2013; Message Count: 3. For those who didn't follow that affair, when SGA was cancelled, the The crew of the Destiny need air, power, water, food, and medicine, in that order, and there is an episode or two devoted to each. From the entry in his recent blog, one could assume that Wright is still fighting the good fight trying to get SGU back on air: I was in the office I'm one of those people who thought Universe was utter rubbish. Actually, having just watched part 2, you can throw one more series into the mix: “Gilligan's Island.” Yes, if the S.S. SyFy has cancelled Stargate Universe, and for the first time since 2002 the network will not be running a Stargate series on the air. Stargate Universe - Streaming Online - Season 1 Episode 1-2 "Air (Part 1+2)". We shall use one of the most concrete methods of getting attention: the postal system, or as some people call it these days, “Snail Mail” and use Twitter and Facebook to spread the word.

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